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Save time and money, forget spreadsheets and traditional methods. We outperform them.

Demand Forecasting Software

Our forecasting methods outperform traditional approaches in 71% of cases. With our predictive analytics solutions you will automatically generate forecasts for every single SKU in your supply chain. Across all your regions and sales channels. Read More ...


Forecast Your Demand.

Intuendi Demand Forecasting uses state-of-the-art and proprietary algorithms to analyze your demand history and generate forecasts. Through a friendly UI you can automatically get a monthly/weekly forecasting for your demand and your sales.

Get Your Reorder Points.

You will always know when to reorder products and raw materials. Our technology will take into account stock levels, lead times, service levels and everything needed in order to calculate the reorder points for all your inventory items.

Turn your data into powerful insights. Start with a better demand forecasting.

Attract your success

Make better purchasing decisions and achieve less out of stocks and less excess inventory. Improve your strategies and increase your revenues.

Forecasting Engine

Use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to generate automatic demand forecasts for your products. Use the predictive values for enhancing your operations.

Simple import

An Excel file is enough to start getting forecasts from your catalogue. Intuendi also offers data connectors for many apps.

Ultimate UX

Just a few clicks and all the data you need will be ready to use through a fresh and friendly UI.

Why your company needs a demand forecasting software.

Are you a Manufacturing company?

Speed up your production cycle with an accurate estimation of the demand. Make better decisions improving the supply chain efficiency and see how it affects your inventory turnover.

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Or an eCommerce site?

See the forthcoming trends for your products and SKUs and avoid out of stocks and excess inventory. Plan the selling strategies on your eCommerce website according to our sales forecasting.

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